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About the Department

Faculty of Law and International Relations was founded on July 1, 2016.

A number of honorable guests were present at the official opening ceremony of the Faculty of  Law and International Relations on September 22, 2016: Liliya Grynevych, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine; Vasyl Kremen, President of National Academy of Education Sciences; Maksym Melnychuk , Head of Kyiv City State Administration; Hanna Starostenko, Deputy to the Head of Kyiv City State Administration; Olena Fidanyan, Director of Education and Science, Youth and Sports Department; Vira Rogovata, Director of Education and Science Department and others.

The Faculty is located in 13-B Marshala Tymoshenko street, on the premises of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University building on a separate floor which was renovated within a very short period of time due to the great effort of the administration of the University. The education of a new generation of  lawyers and diplomats is enhanced and supported by a powerful material and technical base and IT equipment of the University. The students at the Faculty can be trained either in “Law” or “International Relations, Social Communications and Regional Studies”. Highly qualified and experienced teaching staff of three Chairs of the Faculty: Chair of  Public and Private Law, Chair of International Law and International Relations, and Chair of the English Language teach undergraduate and graduate students on Bachelor and Master levels. 

The staff of the Department are 52 instructors, 12 of whom are Doctors of Science and Full Professors, 28 are Candidates of Science (PhDs ), 21 being Assistant Professors (Senior lecturers).

160 students study at the Faculty, 100 of which became the 1-st year students of Bachelor programmes, 50 majoring in “ Law” and 50 in “ International relations”.  37 graduate students of the 5th year are getting their Master’s Degree: 20 students major in Law and 17 students in International Relations.  The remaining 23 undergraduate students of the Faculty enrolled into a full time or a part-time forms of study of the second, third and fourth years accordingly.  

Such high interest and popularity of the Faculty of Law and International Relations among the students right from the beginning of its formation provide grounds for high prospects in the process of training of new lawyers and diplomats  for the needs of the city of Kyiv and our country on the whole. 

The students of the Faculty will be able to acquire practical skills of their profession in the Centre for Protection of Human Rights and in the Centre of International and European Law that will function at the Faculty of Law and International Relations.

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You are here: Головна About the Faculty About the Department