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About the Chair

It is a specialised c hair for the speciality «6.030401/8.03040101 Law, field of expertise «0304 Law» of academic levels Bachelor and Master.

The Chair is a subdivision of the Faculty of Law and International Relations of Kyiv Borys Grinchenko University.

The department provides professional training of lawyers on the academic levels “Bachelor of Law” and “Master of Law”.

The training lasts 4 years.

Students acquire qualification of a multi-discipline expert lawyer, and in the 4-th year of studies they have an opportunity to choose one of the specialzations offered:

1. Legal support of municipal (communal) administration;
2. Legal support of business entities function.

Beginning from September 1, 2016 the following specializations will be available for prospective students :

1. Legal support of communal management.
2. Legal support of business entities function..
3. Legal support of human rights protection.
4. European law.
5. International law.

Masters training is provided according to a educational-professional program with an opportunity to opt out for a further specialization (1,5- 2 years of studies).

Professional training is provided by:

  • 7 Doctors of Science (4 Doctors of Law among them);

  • 12 Candidates of Science in Law.

The academic staff is highly qualified and has a long professional record of service and wide experience in student training in a legal sphere as well as their own wide practical experience in law. Practicing lawyers and experts in different branches of law also participate in tuition process.

Training is held in modern study rooms equipped with multi-media appliances, PCs and access to the Internet that creates unique opportunities of immediate and direct work with different resources, printed guides, legislative acts and legal documents etc.

Some lessons are held outside the university premises: in courts, public authority buildings, public organizations headquarters etc.

Training Bachelors of Law and Masters of Law in Borys Grinchenko Kyiv university is practice-oriented, thus it is organized in a close co-operation with practical legal activity subjects. A well-developed system of traineeship and practice provides the opportunity for students to back up theoretical knowledge in law with practical skills.

Every year students are entitled to a legal apprenticeship period in government departments and local governments, in courts and law enforcement authorities, law departments of subjects of management and at private lawyers’ offices. Students also have an excellent opportunity to practice during their studies at the Legal clinic “Astreya”, which successfully works within the university structure and fulfills a social mission - to provide legal assistance to citizens, first and foremost, of the Obolon district in Kyiv (according to the location).

The Chair organizes contests, round tables, seminars, trainings, conferences on a regular basis. These events are held both in Kyiv, other cities of Ukraine and abroad. In 2016 students are selected to participate in a Law summer school in Cyprus, that is organized by the Cyprus law school of the Cyprus University.

A cooperation, established with domestic law enforcement agencies, public law enforcement organizations etc. enables to use their potential for incresing the quality of Law students professional training and for their employment after they graduate.

Establishing cooperation of Law department with foreign partners opens new opportunities for Bachelor and Master programs development, students exchange within joint study-traineeship programs, increasing students motivation to learn the English, German, French languages, studying European and International law etc.

Future Bachelors and Masters of Law who are trained in Kyiv Borys Grinchenko university according to this model are now in great demand in Ukraine to implement provisions of the agreement about association between Ukraine and the European Union. Successful implementation of this agreement (by graduates of the University in particular) will become a real move forward towards the United Europe, and, respectively, to higher living standards: in everyday life, at working places, in environment protection, in eliminating corruption, in a new type of state management and administration etc.

Successful graduates get a state diploma of a qualified lawyer.


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You are here: Головна About the Faculty Chairs Chair of public and private law About the Chair